Karl Lagerfeld Cancels Signature Collection Show and does "Masstige"

Karl Lagaefeld serves 3 brands ; CHANEL, FENDI, and Karl Lagerfeld.

so, he decides to cancel the Karl Lagerfeld collection 2011 S/S @ Paris.

but it plans to resume the collection 2010 F/W.

He feel that his brands need more business approach.

At last, he starts to sale the collections by online store in earnest.

"Masstige"(coined by Mass Elitism) is the thema of the collection hold 2011 S/S .

and he will release "HOGAN" capsule collection's short film @ Oct 2nd 2010.

-- A fashion giant is taking up permanent residence in the burgeoning masstige zone
     and the exploding world of e-commerce, too.
                                                                                         -- Karl Lagerfeld


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